Go Green
At Crystal Clear Building Services, Inc. green is more than just a color. It’s an enterprise-wide commitment to being environmentally conscious and worker-friendly with the products and cleaning methods we use.

Beyond reducing your environmental footprint, our Go Green program actually creates a healthier, more productive work environment. Clients who request our Go Green program will benefit from the use of recycled paper products and earth-friendly cleaning products. We carry the entire line of JohnsonDiversey products, along with other products that have been evaluated by Green Seal, an independent non-profit organization that provides third-party certification to companies that meet its environmental sustainability standards.

Our Go Green program meets Green Seal’s GS-42 Standard for Cleaning Services, which means we:

  • Have building-specific green plans in place for all aspects of cleaning and maintenance
  • Use only environmentally preferable products certified by an eco-label or designated by a national program
  • Employ green cleaning procedures, which includes reducing exposure to and use of chemicals
  • Develop a company-wide communications plan
  • Specially train all of our employees in green cleaning procedures and products

LEED-Certified Integrated Pest Management and Prevention
Crystal Clear Building Services, Inc. provides Integrated Pest Management (IPM) that meets LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) criteria for environmental consciousness. The idea—and the strategy— is to focus on long-term prevention through a combination of techniques that reduce the need for chemical pest control. We help you by making your work environment less conducive to pest development through improved sanitation and by using mechanical and physical controls. Pesticides are used only after careful monitoring indicates that they are needed—and then we choose only those that pose the least possible hazard, using them in a manner that minimizes the risk to people, property and the environment.

Similar to IPP, Integrated Pest Prevention (IPP) is a strategy implemented before pests make their presence known. Our IPP programs apply scientific knowledge of pest biology and behavior to an understanding of the environmental conditions present at your facility to create a plan that prevents pest from developing in your workplace.


We offer Green Seal’s GS-42 Standard for Cleaning Services that embraces:

  • Planning
  • Products, Supplies & Equipment
  • Cleaning Procedures
  • Communication
  • Training

We follow LEED performance criteria in five key areas of human and environmental health:

  • Sustainable Site Development
  • Water Savings
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Material Selection
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
Facility Audit
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